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Michael Savage Highlights
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Michael Savage Highlight - 06/21 - June 21, 2017
Savage mixes politics with life, covering the Georgia special election results, Jared Kushner, and tales of riches lost.
Michael Savage Highlight - 06/20 - June 20, 2017
Listen as Dr. Savage challenges Jared Kushner's meeting with tech giants and takes call from self-described psychopath.
Michael Savage Highlight - 06/19 - June 19, 2017
Savage investigates the crash of the USS Fitzgerald and gives us an alternative take on Father's Day.
Michael Savage Highlight - 06/16 - June 16, 2017
Tune into Rock 'n' Roll Friday as Savage shares some of his best stories with listeners.
Michael Savage Highlight - 06/15 - June 15, 2017
Savage charges the disruptive nature of the left for yesterday's attack and rise of violence in society.
Michael Savage Highlight - 06/14 - June 14, 2017
Savage reveals that he predicted violence from the radical left and challenges the left over their shameless bigotry.
Michael Savage Highlight - 06/13 - June 13, 2017
Savage exposes the hypocrisy of the Sessions hearing as the establishment policy makers continue their witch hunt on outsiders in Washington.
Michael Savage Highlight - 06/12 - June 12, 2017
Trump's tweets, Puerto Rico, and more: Savage is back and covering it all on the Savage Nation.
Michael Savage Highlight - 06/08 - June 08, 2017
Savage challenges the leftists in his audience following today's Comey hearing.
Michael Savage Highlight - 06/07 - June 07, 2017
Savage bucks the trend, leaving politics behind to talk humor with the Savage Nation.